Main parts center on Center Road Spanish Lookout

Widest selection of injectors and injection pumps on hand In the country We have a small country but a huge variety of diesel engines And we still see more and more options coming into Belize

Bosch Batteries Wholesale and retail Also we offer for 6V Deep cycle for solar power Purposes

Widest selection of turbo chargers in the country Original and replacement Also we offer a the cartridges as that often is a big savings

Cylinder heads and crank shafts for most types of diesel engines Japanese .third world and US brand

Heavy Duty glow plugs come with a one year warranty These double coil glow plugs have become a strong demand country Wide When all else fails here is the solution

Front show room Center Road Spanish Lookout

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New Products

Garrett Performance Turbochargers

Turbine wheel is cast from "Inconel" material for extreme applications Smallest.Garrettâ„¢ turbocharger available. Excellent for motorcycles, powersports vehicles, and other small displacement engines.

Common Rail Injections
and Injector

Bosch supplied the industry's first fuel injector system with a high-pressure electric fuel pump in 1967. Ever since, Bosch has been the worldwide leader in innovation fuel injector technology and design.

Heavy Duty
Glow Plugs

DENSO's expanded range of Industrial Glow Plugs combines our expertise in diesel technology with all the strengths of our Spark Plug program to give you unrivaled choice and quality.


Bosch S6 batteries featuring high-performance AGM technology (AGM+Abosrbent Glass Mat) satisfy the highest starting and power supply standards especially for new vehicles with many electrical consumers.

Welcome to Econo Diesel!

We currently offer:
New Injector Pumps, Injectors, and Turbochargers, available for all types Trucks, Tractors, Industrial and Marine applications
A full line of New Cylinder Heads for diesel engines, Liner Kits, New Crankshafts, New Engine Blocks, and complete Engines.
Ask us for exchange prices on Cylinder Heads and Short Blocks.

and also supply:

  • Glow Plugs (with 12 month Warranty!)
  • Glow Controllers
  • Computer Boxes (IDM)
  • Sensors for late model: Ford, GMC, Dodge and International Trucks

Contact Us if you have any question about the products we carry!


Featured Products

Set of 6 injectors for Dodge Ram Available.
Set of 8 injectors Ford Chevy Available.
Set of 8 injectors for Duramax Available.
Set of 8 injectors for Power Stroke Available.
Set of 8 injectors Ford 6.0 Available.