Main parts center on Center Road Spanish Lookout

Widest selection of injectors and injection pumps on hand In the country We have a small country but a huge variety of diesel engines And we still see more and more options coming into Belize

Bosch Batteries Wholesale and retail Also we offer for 6V Deep cycle for solar power Purposes

Widest selection of turbo chargers in the country Original and replacement Also we offer a the cartridges as that often is a big savings

Cylinder heads and crank shafts for most types of diesel engines Japanese .third world and US brand

Heavy Duty glow plugs come with a one year warranty These double coil glow plugs have become a strong demand country Wide When all else fails here is the solution

Front show room Center Road Spanish Lookout

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About Us

Rebuilding injection pumps and injectors started over 40 years ago by Jacob Barkman Sr. and his sons on a farm as a part time service, mostly for farm tractors. In the same service building we had a grain dryer, heated by wood. In one incident the building, including the garage and all the test tools, went up in flames caused by the wood grain dryer. It took years to recover. 

With time, Mr. Barkman helped with the recovery and his sons took over in 1995. More test equipment was added to the shop, enabling the rebuilding of pumps for automotive light duty and heavy duty
trucks and equipment including engines. In 1999 we moved to our current location on Center Road with a new name, Econo Diesel and have since  provided parts and service for all diesel engines.

In early 2011 we opened a branch in Belize City focused on parts sales to make our products more available countrywide. Also in early 2011 we separated Parts and Service and moved the Service to another location not far from our main office in Spanish Lookout. This new 10,000 sq.ft building serves as a Diesel Injection Center for countrywide demand. We specialize in rebuilding electronic injectors for most common rail injectors. Our new 815 Bosch test bench has dramatically boosted the quality of our service to our customers which is a very important investment since it reduces down time to solve injection issues on late model diesel trucks.   Our rebuilt common rail Bosch injectors now come with a full one year warranty. We use only original parts to rebuild Bosch injectors. We offer an injector exchange program in order to get you back on the road, keeping the down time to a minimum.