Test bench for Huei electronis injectors for international and cat engines

Service Department At a new location A new fully computerized 815 Bosch Bench was recently installed by Bosch From Germany and now up and running Rebuilding late models electronic commonrail injectors We cover a one year warranty

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Injector Pumps

Our main brand of injector pumps we rebuild are Stanadyne ,Bosch Delphi (CAV) Denso and Cat Full coverage for Tractors, Automotive ,Industrial and Marine. We now also do most common rail electronic HPP. Our rebuilt pumps come with a 6-12 months warranty if they pass the test on test bench. Our pumps are calibrated and tested to specifications



Our main brand of injectors are Bosch , Delphi (CAV) Denso and Cat. The manual type injectors we are cleaning and calibrate on a pop tester and also change the nozzle if needed. The electronic common rail injectors have to be tested after rebuilding on a fully computerized electronic test bench. We offer a one year warranty



Our main line of Turbochargers we rebuild are Holset, Garret, Switzer and Borgwarner and more which covers most any diesel engine. Replacing cartridges is the best option to reach the level of a new turbo to be able to give a warranty. A cartridge is the heart of the turbo , all we use is two piece housings from the old turbo to complete the unit.


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